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Audfly Technology is the leading enterprise of acoustic innovative technology in China. It’s a global leader in audio solutions and one of the foremost experts in directed audio technology.

Audfly Techbology has been manufacturing and installing Focusound® directional speaker for major corporations and industries around the world since the early 2016.

Focusound® directional speaker use a revolutionary audio technology to creates sound in a narrow beam, it directs sound to your desired listening area in a highly directional manner just like the light of a flashlight. It provides an effective way to deliver sound to a specific area and creates a precise and independent audio zone that deliver an immersive, noisy-free and 3D-like audio experience.

Besides the Focusound® technology, Adufly has also successfully applied sound source localization, sound imaging, active noise control etc. Into commercial use.

Original core technology
  • Focusound® Technology
    Based on the principle of parametric array and the unique algorithm, it can make the sound transmit directionally like light, so as to realize the spatial distribution control of sound wave transmission in the air and the position control of sound source.
  • Sound imaging technology
    Based on the microphone array measurement technology, it can measure the amplitude of the sound source, and display the spatial distribution of the sound source in the form of image by measuring the signal phase difference of sound waves in a certain space to each microphone to determine the position of the sound source according to the phased array principle. That is, obtaining the spatial sound field distribution nephogram - acoustic image.
  • ANC Technology
    Through the noise reduction system to neutralize the noise and generate inverse sound waves equal to the external noise so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction.

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