Target Sound To Exactly Where You Need It
Focusound® directional speaker is the first directional speaker offered in the commercial market in China.

Focusound® is a revolutionary, patent-protected, new audio technology that creates directional sound and provides precise, independent audio range. Similar to how a flashlight directs a beam of light, the Focusound® technology directs a beam of audio to targeted listeners.

Focusound® has been installed in a wide range of applications all over the world since 2015. It provides comprehensive sound focusing solutions for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade shows and galleries. With the Focusound® Directional Speaker, you will Target Sound Exactly Where You Need It.
Products and Specifications
  • Focusound® Model B
    Model FSC5-B1-G FSC5-B2-G
    Maximum SPL 78±3dB@2m/1KHz 83±3dB@2m/1KHz
    Directivity < 15°(-20dB) <15°(-20dB)
    Frequency Range 500Hz-20kHz 500Hz-20kHz
    Rated power 16W 20W

  • Focusound® Model R
    Model FSC3-R2
    Maximum SPL 81±3dB@2m/1KHz
    Directivity <15°(-20dB)
    Frequency Range 500Hz-20kHz
    Rated power 18W

  • Focusound® Model L
    Model FSC2-L1-B
    Maximum SPL 85dB@2m/1KHz
    Directivity <15°(-20dB)
    Frequency Range 600Hz-13kHz
    Rated power 25W

  • Focusound® Model MINI
    Model FS-Mini-B
    Maximum SPL 74±3dB@2m/1KHz
    Directivity <15°(-20dB)
    Frequency Range 500Hz-12KHz
    Rated power 15W

Core value of Focusound® directional speakers
Focusound® technology delivers an immersive, noise-free audio experience. The revolutionary sound-focusing technology generates sound in a narrow beam, like a audio flashlight. It creates independent and non-interference sound areas in open environment and brings totally new audio experience to a large-scale custom systems for both indoor and outdoor use at any environment.
Target sound to exactly where you need it, create independent audio space in open environment
Both indoor and outdoor use available
Able to creating virtual sound effects to build up an immersive listening experience
Advantages of Focusound® directional speaker
· Environmentally placing sound to your desired listening area and reserve quiet to others;

· Allowing the co-existence of different sounds in open space without mixing or interfering;

· Portable design/easy installation/ many different ways of mounting options;

· Rich product series and outdoor use available;