Audfly’s Acoustic Directional Speaker With Soong Cing Ling Memorial Residence In Shanghai

  It’s a mature and typical directional sound innovation combined Audfly’s Directional Sound Speaker with the former residence of celebrities.The text, audio-visual records of relevant celebrities are transferred to directional sound to realize the functions of divisional explanation and balanced sound field, helping the museum to upgrade and perfect the multimedia audio explanation system even in the chaotic sound environment.

  The Former Residence together with Audfly’s Acoustic Directional Speaker, completed the technical upgrade of the interpretation system, enhanced the tourist experience by overall sound environment innovation.

  Through Audfly’s customized solutions, the audio, the guidance and the explanation are all independent for different scenes, so that visitors can hear synchronized explanations when walking into a specific area, integrate into the Residence faster and better understand the story of the master; the explanation service is also orderly as no interference in adjacent areas.

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  At No. 1843, Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, a red-roofed white-walled bungalow stands quietly, surrounded by all year round green centennial camphor trees, the brilliant sunshine pouring down from the tiny gaps, everything is elegant and peaceful.

  This house is Soong Cing Ling Memorial Residence. It carries master’s "home memory, national feelings".

  Here Mr. Soong Ching Ling lived for the longest time in her life and engaged many important state affairs, left many precious historical moments and cultural relics.

  From this elegant German-style building, It seems that you can still feel her voice, face and immortal demeanor. People can't bear to disturb this elegance and tranquility.

  By introduced with Audfly’s Acoustic Directional Speakers, visitors in the Residence are no longer disturbed by the noisy commentary environment but enjoy their own immersive listening time.

  Audfly’s Acoustic Directional Speaker

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