China Embroidery Art Museum With Audfly’s Acoustic Directional Speaker

  Located in Zhenhu Street, Suzhou High-tech Zone. China Embroidery Art Museum is currently the largest professional embroidery exhibition hall in China as it occupies an area of 8,000㎡ and a building area of 5,000㎡. It is a national characteristic cultural industry base and a highlight in the national agricultural tourism demonstration route. it is also a palace of Chinese embroidery art and a popular science base for popularizing, protecting and developing the traditional embroidery industry.

  By controlling the sound direction, Audfly’s Acoustic Directional Speaker ensures the sound only covers the corresponding groups, realizing the non-interference of music and explanation between different exhibition areas, and achieving the concept effect of sound environmental protection. At the same time, compared with the traditional speakers, Audfly’s Acoustic Directional speakers can achieve the unique effect of "sound transmission into secrecy", and tourists do not need to be assigned to explain when visiting.


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