Focusound® Directed Audio Technology
Target Sound To Exactly Where You Need It
Using new revolutionary audio technology to create highly-directional sound just like spotlight

Focusound® Technology is an innovative and revolutionary sound focusing technology, which delivers sound in a highly directed way. With Focusound® technology, you will be able to direct a beam of sound to the targeted listeners in the targeted spot where exactly you need the sound to be.

Focusound® is one of the biggest breakthroughs in audio technology in recent years. It utilize a brand-new way to deliver sound. Unlike the normal sound which generally propagates omni-directionally, Focusound® deliver sound along a fixed direction in an extremely narrow beam, the sound could be precisely controlled and targeted to your desired listening area. Similar to how a spotlight directs a beam of light, Focusound® directs a beam of audio exactly to targeted listeners and areas.

Key features of Focusound® Technology