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Focusound® Model B
Focusound® Model B is the most popular directional speaker all over the world that provides completely directional sound solutions that enables you to add sound to where ever you want and keep it in just where you need it to be.

It’s most commonly used in indoor scenes including museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade shows and galleries etc. Focusound® Model B is available for all mounting solutions, including walling mounding, ceiling mounting, or integrated to a display etc. We offer all the hardware necessary for installation in the package list, including an adjustable bracket.

Let us know your application and your needs, we will have a professional representative to serve you and give you advice which model is the most appropriate for your application and budget. All the models can be customized in size, color and shape.
Focusound® Model B
Model FSC5-B1-G FSC5-B2-G
Maximum SPL 78±3dB@2m/1KHz 83±3dB@2m/1KHz
Directivity <15°(-20dB) <15°(-20dB)
Frequency Range 500Hz-20kHz 500Hz-20kHz
Rated power 16W 20W
Input interface 3.5mm AUX/USB 3.5mm AUX/USB
Power requirements 24V DC/3A 24V DC/3A
Dimension 294x169x29mm 294x169x29mm
Weight 1450g 1500g
Installation accessories 75*75mm Universal bracket 75*75mm Universal bracket
Color silver / grey silver / grey
Size of amplifier 153x111x46mm 153x111x46mm
Audio line 3.5mm Dual channel audio cable 3.5mm Dual channel audio cable

Items included in the package list.
Audfly speakers
Power supply
Universal bracket
Audio cable

Different mounting solutions.
Walling Mounting
Ceiling Mounting

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