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Focusound® Model MINI
Focusound® Model Mini is the minimum size product in the Focusound® directional speaker series. It has a very simple and beautiful appearance with a built-in amplifier. Connecting it the to the power and the sound input like your smart phones or tablets, you will get a clear and individualized sound zone in your office or your living room.

Due to the small size( with length no longer than 170cm), Focusound® Model Mini has a sound pressure level that around 75dB. It’s perfect for quiet, small space use.

Model Mini can be placed on a table or your office desk with a triangle bracket. You can use it when having a conference all. IT WILL FREE YOUR EARS: you don’t have to wear headphones and yet you can still hear the content of the meeting. You can also use model Mini in your living room, especially for those family with people having hear loss problem. Model Mini is able to direct sound to exactly where you seats. You don’t have to turn up the volume very loud and you can still hear the TV very clear. It creates an independent audio zone in your living room just for you.

Focusound® Model Mini is available for desk mounting solutions. We offer all the hardware necessary for installation in the package list, including an adjustable bracket.

Let us know your application and your needs, we will have a professional representative to serve you and give you advice which model is the most appropriate for your application and budget. All the models can be customized in size, color and shape.
Focusound® Model MINI
Model FS-Mini-B
Maximum SPL 74±3dB@2m/1KHz
Directivity <15°(-20dB)
Frequency Range 500Hz-12KHz
Rated power 15W
Input interface 3.5mm AUX/Bluetooth
Power requirements 12V DC/2A
Dimension 170x70x45mm
Weight 350g
Installation accessories Triangle bracket
Color Black
Audio line 3.5mm Dual channel audio cable

Items included in the package list.
Audfly speakers
Power supply
Triangle bracket
Audio cable

Different mounting solutions.
Table mounting
Floor mounting

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