"Directional voice independent Transmission", Focusound Speaker leads the new trend of audio-visual industry!
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  Focusound directional sound technology solutions, The directional sound technology solution has undergone many technological innovations and program optimization and upgrades, and has become more mature and perfect. Its directional sound solutions of "directed transmission like the beam of a flashlight" and "independent transmission without mutual interference" have been widely used in museums, corporate exhibition halls, government office halls, memorial halls and other places. In 2019, Audfly Technology formulated Focusound directional sound solutions for Shantou Red Transportation Station, Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center, Zhuhai National Taxation Office and Hunan Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall, which were highly praised by the partners.

  Shantou Red Traffic Station

  Shantou red traffic station, namely the exhibition hall of the former site of Shantou traffic station, the secret traffic line from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to the Central Soviet Area, is located at 97 Haiping Road, Jinping District, Shantou City. The secret transportation line was one of the national secret transportation lines established by the Transportation Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at that time. As an important transit station, Shantou transportation center station played an important and unique role in the victory of the Chinese revolutionary war.

  The exhibition displays the historical events and character stories of the revolutionary period in an all-round and multi-angle manner in various forms: graphic introduction, physical display, scene reproduction, and light and shadow exhibition. In addition, the exhibition and Focusound speaker cooperated to provide a better audio-visual experience for the entire exhibition.

  Focusound Speaker can realize "Audio Navigation, Automatic Explanation, Inductive Transmission ", to clearly tell the historical story behind each site exhibit for visitors. The unique audio signal allows the sound to linger around the visitor, creating an immersive sound atmosphere, allowing the visitor to be surrounded by the explanation of the red history, reappearing that burning love period.


  Exhibition hall of Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center

  Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center-the largest financial institution in the country, is the headquarters of Ping An Group. located in Futian District, Shenzhen. With 118 floors and the main building 630 meters high. Is the first skyscraper in South China, the second in China, and the fourth in the world. The building started construction in 2009 and took 7 years to build. It set a number of international and domestic records, including the largest 8-meter super-large-diameter engineering pile in the domestic housing construction category, and was selected as one of the “Top 10 Skyscrapers in the World in 2016”.

  Audfly Focusound Directional Voice System has rich experience in the integration of exhibition halls. Different from traditional audio speaker, Focusound Speaker has the characteristics of variable size, beautiful appearance, and easy integration. At the same time, it has super high directivity, the sound is only transmitted in a fixed area. It not only fits perfectly with the style of the Ping An Finance Center exhibition hall, but also gives Its technological elements make the exhibition hall more futuristic.

  Zhuhai National Tax Service Hall

  National tax is the product of a country's tax-sharing system. taxation assumes the functions of organizing fiscal revenue, regulating the economy, and regulating social distribution in the process of developing the socialist market economy .

  In the Zhuhai National Tax Service Hall, a number of Focusound Speakers are integrated on the ceiling of the hall, projected the sound from the ceiling above the large plate into the circular pattern on the ground. Visitors and tax officials walked to the circular pattern to listen to the contents of the large screen, while outside the circular area was a quiet tax place. The directional sound solution of Focusound speaker controls the sound at a certain fixed angle, so that the two sound spaces of the visiting area and the tax office are independent and has no interference with each other.

  Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall in Hunan

  Located in tanzichong village, Huaminglou Town, Ningxiang City, Changsha City, Hunan Province, Liu Shaoqi memorial hall is the national collection and research center of Liu Shaoqi cultural relics and the ideological propaganda position.

  As a professional museum to publicize, display and carry forward the spirit of Liu Shaoqi, Liu Shaoqi Memorial seriously deals well with words, pictures, audio-visual and cultural relic display, adopts a large number of cultural relic display, properly arranges the whole exhibition process, effectively handles and matches the materials, colors, lights of the exhibition wall, and uses high-tech display means such as multimedia and scenes.

  Based on on-site testing, the staff determined the integration plan of the directional sound commentary system. Based on Focusound Speakers' "small and easy installation" advantage, the installation project is progressing smoothly without damaging the furnishings in the museum. When tourists walked into the directional explanation area, the clear professional explanation fully demonstrated the great achievements of Comrade Liu Shaoqi, played the role of patriotic education, and spread the spirit of Liu Shaoqi.

  The directional sound technology independently developed by Audfly Technology is widely used in exhibition areas, corporate exhibition halls, cultural exhibitions and other places. A set of Focusound acoustic application solutions based on directional sound technology has been formulated to provide immersive directional voice explanations service, automatic audio navigation, inductive transmission(leave then no voice heard), and spread independently at the same time without interference, which greatly improves the overall acoustic environment of service in public places and brings a new auditory impact.

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