Technological innovation, Focusound participated in the first "Graduation Season in Suzhou"!
March 03 , 2021 share

  Audfly Technology Focusound created a unique display for the first "Famous City of Suzhou Graduation Season-Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" exhibition in 2019, at the Art Museum of Suzhou Vocational and Technical College of Arts and Crafts.


  A micro-film festival for college students was held in Hall 1 of the Art Museum to guide college students to practice the core values of socialism in the form of micro-videos.

  Based on the special needs of the acoustic environment, ensure that each playback source is independent and no interference. the audience can clearly hear the voice content synchronized with the TV screen. Audfly provides customized directional sound solutions, and the equipment can be ceiling-mounted without destroying the original design of the hall.


  Hall 2-7 exhibits 1304 pieces of works by students. These works are projects of school-enterprise cooperation or themed creations at the grassroots level, which fully demonstrate the value pursuit, innovative spirit and professional quality of young students.


  In the Art Museum Hall 4, 5 exhibition areas are integrated with Focusound Speaker Model L2 and R2 respectively to realize the synchronization of the sound and picture of the TV or the projection system, made the display form more vivid, creative and transmissible through scientific and technological means.

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