High definition non crosstalk directional speaker, help the healthy development of online class!
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  In the special period when whole China people overcoming the difficulties together, many employees have started to work at home and collaborate remotely. At the same time, in order to implement the Ministry of Education’s “no class suspension” requirements, students also started online classes at home under the arrangement of the school.

  In the Internet age, work and study can be done without leaving home. However, some new problems have arisen.

  The questions are as follows:

  01. Limited sound quality of the electronic product with built-in speaker, lower voice articulation At present, students usually take online classes through electronic products such as laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones which are portable, compact, multifunctional and deeply loved by students and office workers. It already has become daily usage habits. However, it is also because of its small size of devices that limits the size of the built-in speakers.

  As we know, low-frequency speakers need a larger area of the diaphragm to drive more air to produce sound if wants good sound quality. Therefore, the sound quality and voice clarity will also be affected because of the small built-in speakers of mobile devices. This problem does not affect our daily listening and watching entertainment programs, unless you have high requirements for sound quality, but we need to receive voice information with maximum clarity for work and study, then this problem will be amplified. So a high-definition speaker that can satisfy people to hear every word clearly is really needed.

  02. Simultaneous use and mixing sounds of multiple audio devices leads to annoying emotions

  When children need online lessons, parents need video conferencing, and the elderly want to watch TV, multiple devices output audio at the same time, it easily form a scene of mixed sounds, causing incomplete information reception, affecting learning progress, working status and entertainment experience.

  Secondly, we need pay attention to this matter as long-term exposure to mixed sound environment will not only affect family relations, but also cause damage to hearing and nervous system.

  03. Earphones can be "sound proof", but it will damage health!

  With the popularization of smart communication devices and electronic products, earphones are widely used. When making calls, listening to music, watching dramas and small videos in public places, everyone will consciously wear earphones to prevent privacy leakage and disturb others. This is the embodiment of people's safety awareness and comprehensive quality improvement.

  However, wearing earphones for a long time will have some negative effects on our health. According to an otolaryngologist: "When a person wears it, the external auditory canal is tightly blocked. High-volume audio sound pressure will directly enter the ear and damage the hearing, causing irreversible hearing loss, further will cause fatigue and damage to hearing, causing hearing loss, and the human body will experience irritability, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, inattention, slow thinking, etc., which are very harmful to health.Adolescents should listen intermittently because their immature auditory organs.

  Can't the problems of voice clarity, mutual interference and ear health be solved at the same time???

  FOCUSOUND Acoustic Directional Speaker, Which You Deserve To Have !

  01. High Definition Voice, Easy Audio Content Transmission

  Different from ordinary speakers, the Focusound Directional Speaker uses parametric array speakers with main feature of super directivity, which can prevent sound waves from propagating upstream. while effectively reducing noise, it reduces acoustic feedback and improves noise reduction performance, ensuring that listeners can clearly obtain voice information in front of Focusound speakers. No longer be afraid of being inaudible when online classes, online video conferences, chatting and watching dramas!


  02. Active Voice Division, Directional Transmission With No Crosstalk

  The Focusound Directional Speaker, based on the Audfly’s patented technology of directional sound, changes the conventional transmission mode of audible sound of human ears. It realizes super-directional transmission of sound in the air through the core acoustic algorithm, and freely controls the direction and angle of sound transmission. Quickly forms an independent audio space in the targeted area to avoid the sounds crosstalk caused by the sound spreading around.

  The Focusound Directional Speaker can be connected to TVs, computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices to achieve audio and picture synchronization, leading effectively directional sound output. When multiple sound devices working at the same time, it can effectively divide the sound area without crosstalk. you can enjoy an independent audio space without wearing earphones, which not only avoids mutual interference between family members, but also avoids disturbing neighbors, finally creates a harmonious and beautiful life.

  03. No Contact "Earphones", More Comfortable Experience.

  Why wear earphones at home? Wearing earphones for a long time will not only hurt your ears, but also your hearing will be affected. The Focusound Directional Speaker can enjoy the independent audio experience like a non-contact "earphone".

  An online class, 2-3 hours of meetings, entertainment and relaxation, no ear pressure! Healthy life also requires healthy ears!

  The sudden epidemic has plunged our lives into some "dilemmas", trapped at home, trapped in studies, trapped in our ideals... But it also gives us more time to think. Perhaps you were busy with study, work, life, used to relying on electronic products and social networks. Now you can think more about health and life, because good health is the foundation of your struggle!

  Focusound Acoustic Directional Speaker, Caring for your ear health and quality of life

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