Focusound Entire Series Of Products Have Been Upgraded To Break Application Barriers
March 03 , 2021 share

  In 2015, Focusound Directional Speaker of Audfly Technology was born. Focusound has become a rare brand of directional sound technology productization in the international market, and opened the domestic directional speaker market. At first, Focusound Directional Speaker attracted a lot attention with its "directional sound spreading like the beam of a flashlight". Focusound spent two years infiltrating more than 20 industry fields such as progress hall display, supermarket retail, public service, and creative project integration, helping traditional industries completed the upgrade of the scene-based acoustic system and the overall optimization of the acoustic environment with emerging industries, occupying a certain market share. Nowadays, Focusound Directional Speaker has become a synonym for directional speakers. People reclassified it as "a useful acoustic black technology."

  In October 2020, Audfly R&D team made major breakthroughs in core algorithms and processes, It means that entire series Focusound products will complete a new round of technical upgrades.

  Better Performance with Overall Sound Pressure Improvement

  The sound pressure level of Focusound entire range of products has doubled. Among them, the highest sound pressure level of directional speakers (Model: FS-B2, FS-R2, FS-L)which are popular in the exhibition hall display industry, exceeds 90dB. It significantly improved the listening sense, overcome the inaudibility due to the excessive noise of the scene environment.


  Focusound Directional Speaker Model(FS-L1) To Realize Outdoor Integrated Applications

  Focusound FS-L1 All-in-one Speaker has improved the dust-proof and water-proof ability. it passed the outdoor dust-proof and water-proof testing certification through continuous process research and development, becoming the first product among Focusound Directional Speakers that can be applied outdoors.


  Lower Power Consumption, Higher Efficiency In Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

  In addition to improving the overall performance of the products, the whole series of Focusound Directional Speakers also achieve low power consumption, prolonging the speakers’ lifetime.


  Integrated design more applicable to scenarios

  In this product upgrade, Focusound Speaker Model FS-R2 and FS-L1 all adopt an all-in-one design (except FS-B2), which integrates the power amplifier and the host, reduces the connection between the wires, simplifies the installation steps and methods, and more suitable and beautiful for the application environment.

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