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Such kind of serene occasions including museums and galleries, usually lends an air of comfort,unique,immersive experience, allowing your visitors to a more informative and relaxing experience and a enjoyable visit. It’s the peaceful environment that modern museums are striving to provide and attract visitors.

So directional audio technology and audio isolation is of great importance in modern museum settings. Using our Focusound audio system, a museum is able to add sound selectively to specific interactive exhibits, delivering the sound at your desired listening area and maintaining quiet elsewhere.

Our Focusound directional speaker can be mounted next to or above a piece of artwork, using it like a directional ceiling speaker, to provide relevant information that can be heard only by visitors who come close – leaving others undisturbed. Preserving a a quiet peaceful museum ambiance.

Focusound® Model R and Focusound® Model B are the most commonly used for this scenario.

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