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Out door directional speaker usage

  In addition to a wide range of indoor directional sound applications, The Audfly Acoustics R&D team has also proposed many outdoor directional sound solutions with a wealth of product forms, such as Outdoor Advertising Media, Bus Station Voice Announcement Equipment, and Voice Warning Device for pedestrians running red light, Directional Voice Explanation Device for parks, etc.

  Fcosuound Acoustics Directional Speaker is based on the principle of parametric array, through the unique nonlinear effect of ultrasonic self-adjustment, realizes the spatial distribution control of sound wave propagation in the air and the sound source position control, ensuring effective propagation only in specific areas, realizing a variety of practical applications features such as: audio independence, no crosstalk, strong direction. and its unique waterproof function meets the special requirements of outdoor product installation and long-term use.

  It plays an important role in the field of outdoor acoustics in education, entertainment, security, transportation and other industries and has made a unique contribution to creating a safe and secure living environment and building a harmonious society.

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