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Retails and Markets
Retailers have long faced challenges implementing audio in their in-store messaging campaigns. A normal sound could be considered as intrusive noise for both retail customers and the employees as well.

The situation can be totally changed by Focusound audio system. The Pro Audio Focusound system creates targeted audio zones, allowing retailers to add audio content in selective spot without bleeding to nearby areas. Research shows that the enhanced personalized message from directional audio leads to a increased genuine attention to the marketed product. It have proven to be a much more fruitful marketing campaign.

Besides, Focusound audio system could also act as a part of the move to reduce employees and allow customers the ease of self-service from a store. And the speaker directed towards a display or product, the sound will seem to originate from the product – ideal for exclusive product promotions.

Our Focusound directional speaker can be mounted above the shelf of a specific product, or the display inside the store. Focusound Model B and Focusound Model L are recommended. 

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