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  In order to change the current chaotic sound environment of the bank and help the bank optimize the service process, Audfly Technology takes the exclusive patented directional sound technology as the core and redefines the sound environment of the bank based on the principle of parametric array. Through the unique non-linear effect of ultrasonic self-adjustment, the spatial distribution control of the sound wave propagation in the air and the sound source position control are realized, so that the sound is transmitted in the designated area.Advantages: ①Directional transmission, not easy to be covered by noise ②clear voice, barrier-free business communication ③independent audio, perform their own duties, do not interfere with each other ④flexible and multi-purpose, extended functions. It fully meets the individual needs of customers, that made a huge contribution to the creation of a technological, digital, and high-end financial service institution, and has improved the overall efficiency of the bank.

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